We are inspired to create rustic and handcrafted accessories from wood and leather.

Knot Knot Outfitters began with a photo, a tie, and a little boy. The little boy loved to wear bow ties. "My bow tie?" he would always ask. His mom knew he had great style. One day she saw a photo of a different little boy wearing a WOODEN bow tie. Genius!!! But how could she get such a thing for her fella? Well, I can make one, she thought... And she did.

Hi! My name is Shalee and I'm the owner of Knot Knot Outfitters.

That first wooden bow tie I ever made I carefully cut on a borrowed (from my dad) scroll saw. It was acceptable, but not great. Almost symmetrical, almost straight, but not quite. It was soon obvious that I needed more help. Bigger tools. More space.

So, I got more tools. As a woman in woodworking it gives me special pride knowing that most of the tools I use to craft each piece I purchased from another woman woodworker. She passed them down to me in faith that I would do something worthwhile and I try to make her proud.

And, I got more space. Goodbye pantry! It gives me the creative space I need to work without distraction. I can really focus on what products I want to create.

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